ZFF Masters



The ZFF MASTERS series offers a unique opportunity to experience renowned international filmmakers and experts up-close, and gain insight into their work. The ZFF Masters sessions take place at the Filmpodium, and are open to film fans and interested parties alike.

Tickets for the ZFF MASTERS are available from all ZFF ticket points of sale.

Harvey Weinstein

PROGRAMME MODIFICATION, Tuesday, September 29:

ZFF Masters with Harvey Weinstein does not take place.

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Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes is one of the most interesting personalities of the current independent cinema scene. Born 1961 in Los Angeles, the screenwriter and director is considered to be the pioneer of the 1990s coined “New Queer Cinema”. Haynes continually succeeds in undermining traditional narrative structures with his uncompromising and often sublimely erotic films. His directorial debut, the science fiction drama POISON, garnered the main award at Sundance in 1991. This master of semiotics has since picked up more than 46 international awards, including the Special Jury Prize at Cannes for his glam rock homage VELVET GOLDMINE (1998), the Special Jury Prize at the Mostra in Venice for his Bob Dylan biopic I’M NOT THERE (2007), and an Academy Award nomination for FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002).

Tue, 29.09.15, 17.00–18.00, Filmpodium, Language: English

Jean-Jacques Annaud

Born in 1943, the French director Jean-Jacques Annaud began his career with a bang: his debut feature LA VICTOIRE EN CHANTANT, a parable about colonialism, won an Academy Award in 1977. Originally active in the advertising sector, Annaud’s name reached beyond the circle of purely French cineastes to include a much wider audience when he directed the multi award-winning literary adaptation THE NAME OF THE ROSE (1986). His boundless curiosity and enthusiasm for spectacular themes enables him over and again to bridge the gap between art and commerce with cinema hits such as SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET (1997) and ENEMY AT THE GATES (2001).

Fri, 02.10.15, 12.30–13.30, Filmpodium, Language: English

Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh is one of Britain’s most significant filmmakers. He has garnered countless awards, including a Golden Palm (SECRETS & LIES, 1996), a Golden Lion (VERA DRAKE, 2004), and seven Academy Award nominations. His films aim to reflect human experience in all its contrariety and complexity. And they feel as lifelike as if life simply unfolded before his lens. However, his works are the result of intensive preparation: he develops characters and scenes over months before he starts on the screenplay. The screenwriter and director offers insight into his work at this ZFF Masters session.

Sat, 03.10.15, 15.00–16.00, Filmpodium, Language: English