Stefan Arndt (Jury President)

Stefan Arndt is one of Germany’s most dedicated and successful film producers. Together with Tom Tykwer, Wolfgang Becker and Dani Levy, Arndt founded the production company X Filme Creative Pool GmbH in 1994. His co-productions LOLA RENNT, GOODBYE LENIN, THE WHITE RIBBON and AMOUR are already deemed classics of European independent cinema, and demonstrate that challenging films and popular films are not mutually exclusive. Stefan Arndt presided over The German Film Academy from 2003 until 2009. He is currently developing Wolfgang Becker’s highly anticipated new feature film ICH UND KAMINSKI.

Iris Berben

Born 1950 in Detmold, the actress Iris Berben gave her cinema debut performance at the age of 18 in Rudolf Thome’s DETEKTIVE. She appeared in 1969 in Klaus Lemke’s BRANDSTIFTER, and from 1984 in the legendary comedy series ‘Sketchup’, alongside Diether Krebs. Berben is regarded as one of the most influential actresses in German film and television today. She has garnered numerous awards, including the Adolf Grimme Award and the Bavarian Television Award for Career Achievements. She was elected President of The German Film Academy in 2010.

Jan-Ole Gerster

Born 1978 in Hagen, the screenwriter and director Jan-Ole Gerster cut his teeth in the film industry at X-Filme Creative Pool in Berlin. He went on to study screenwriting and directing at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb) in 2004. His debut feature OH BOY (2012) garnered numerous national and international awards, including the German Film Award in six categories (Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Film et al.) and the European Film Award for Best Debut Film. The film also screened in the ZFF’s German Language Feature Film competition.

Peter Reichenbach

Born 1954 in Zurich, Peter Reichenbach worked as an opera and theatre director in Frankfurt, Salzburg and Berlin, before becoming a producer for Condor Films. In 1999, he founded the Zurich-based C-Films AG together with Peter-Christian Fueter and Edi Hubschmid. The company’s TV and cinema productions have since won numerous awards, both at home and abroad. Reichenbach is responsible for some of the most successful Swiss films of recent years, including NACHTZUG NACH LISSABON (2013) and DER VERDINGBUB (2011).

Anna Thommen

Anna Thommen was born in Basel in 1980. After teaching for two years in her first profession, a primary school teacher, she decided to study film at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in 2005. Her graduation film SECOND ME was shown at more than 20 festivals around the world. Thommen completed her Master in Film Directing at ZHdK Zurich in January 2013. With her feature length documentary debut NEULAND, Thommen won a Golden Eye at last year’s Zurich Film Festival. The film was screened in theatres throughout Switzerland.