ZFF Talks


Film music: What does a hero’s battle sound like?

What would a film be without film music? It heralds approaching fortune and imminent Armageddon. It accentuates a candlelit dinner, a chase and a hero’s battle. Marcel Barsotti is a film music composer whose work includes the scores for such films as DAS WUNDER VON BERN and KEBAB CONNECTION. In his talk, he will offer an insight into the film music process, and demonstrate using practical examples how to create the desired effect by regulating musical mood, tempo and intensity

Friday, 27.9.2013, 16.00, Festival Centre, free entry

Speaker: Marcel Barsotti, film music composer 


Location scouting: Film location Switzerland

Be it a picturesque mountain village, a spectacular dam or an urban high-rise: Switzerland is often the setting for major film productions. As a location scout, Arnold H. Bucher is specialised in keeping his eyes peeled. He is able to sniff out the most idyllic, exciting or bizarre film locations that also fulfil demanding logistical requirements. In his talk, he will present examples of his work as he relates how he discovers the ideal film locations for such productions as David Fincher’s THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and Michael Steiner’s SENNENTUNTSCHI. 

Thursday, 3.10.2013, 16.00, Festival Centre, free entry

Speaker: Arnold H. Bucher, location scout


Film mistakes: Does the perfect film exist?

Who has not noticed a microphone accidentally crossing the screen? Or discovered a cameraman reflected in a window? Mistakes in films are cracks in the imagination: They destroy the dazzling illusion of a skilfully constructed film world. Marius Schäfer has specialised in noticing obvious and less obvious film mistakes. He will highlight typical and noteworthy mistakes using numerous entertaining examples, tell us how they happen, and take us on the trail of the perfect error-free film.

Friday, 4.10.2013, 16.00, Festival Centre, free entry

Speaker: Marius Schäfer from www.fehler-im-film.de