Zurich Talks


Swiss cinema yesterday – Swiss cinema tomorrow 

The Swiss Filmmakers Association celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. A great excuse then to reflect upon the developments and trends that continually shape Swiss filmmaking: Film content and subject, technology, working conditions and expectations. 

Presenter: Kaspar Kasics, Director, President ARF/FDS

Panel participants: Ivana Lalovic (director), Sophie Heldman (director), Rolando Coll (director), Robert Boner (producer), Christian Jungen (film journalist)

Sunday, September 23, 11.00, Festival Centre 


3D, Animation and Special Effects – 
the science behind the magic  

What illusions can be created in film today? What innovations are behind them? ETH professor Markus Gross is director of Zurich-based Disney Research and talks us through the latest tricks and trends – using plenty of examples.

Speaker: Prof. Markus Gross, Director Disney Research

Friday September 28, 16.00, Festival Centre