Public Zurich Master Class

The Public Zurich Master Class, an event implemented in collaboration with Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), once again takes place at the Filmpodium. It is open to all film enthusiasts and offers a unique live opportunity to experience renowned international filmmakers up-close, and gain an insight into their work and expert know-how.

Tickets for the Public Zurich Master Class can be purchased from all ZFF advance ticket sales points. 

Asghar Farhadi

Sunday, September 23, 17.00, Filmpodium

Born 1972 in Iran, Asghar Farhadi’s breakthrough came with the family drama ABOUT ELLY, which brought him a Silver Bear at the 2009 Berlinale. His next project, the highly acclaimed marital drama A SEPARATION, won the 2011 Berlinale’s main award and the 2012 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. In his Public Zurich Master Class, Asghar Farhadi discusses his work as an author, director and producer. What are the greatest challenges facing an Iranian filmmaker? What can film contribute to the East-West intercultural dialogue? 


Jerry Weintraub

Monday, September 24, 18.30, Filmpodium

Jerry Weintraub is one of Hollywood’s most influential producers. As an agent, manager and concert organiser, Weintraub worked with such greats as Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra, before turning to the film business as a producer. His biggest successes include films such as NASHVILLE, THE KARATE KID and the OCEAN’s trilogy. In his Public Zurich Master Class, Jerry Weintraub talks about his work: What in his eyes makes a great producer? What criteria does he use to choose his projects? What does his motto „be willing to be lucky“ mean in terms of his work and his life?    

Tom Tykwer

Friday, September 28, 18.30, Filmpodium

Tom Tykwer became known in the mid-nineties with his film RUN LOLA RUN. He has since realised numerous international successes, including such films as the screen adaptation of Süsskind’s PERFUME and the thriller THE INTERNATIONAL. His latest project CLOUD ATLAS, created in collaboration with MATRIX makers Lana and Andy Wachowski, will hit cinemas this November. In his Public Zurich Master Class, Tom Tykwer discusses his work as a director and producer, and tells of his experiences in America, Africa and Europe. 

Frank Darabont

Saturday, September 29, 15.00, Filmpodium

Screenwriter and director Frank Darabont is known not least for his 7-time Oscar nominated prison drama THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, based on a short story by Stephen King. His fruitful collaboration with Stephen King culminated in two further film successes: THE GREEN MILE and THE MIST. His latest work, the TV series L.A. Noir, will be broadcast in 2013. In his Public Zurich Master Class, Jury President Frank Darabont discusses his films and his work as a screenwriter and director. What subjects interest him? How did he get into writing? What fascinates him about cinema/TV? 

Zurich Talks

Swiss cinema yesterday – Swiss cinema tomorrow 

The Swiss Filmmakers Association celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. A great excuse then to reflect upon the developments and trends that continually shape Swiss filmmaking: Film content and subject, technology, working conditions and expectations. 

Presenter: Kaspar Kasics, Director, President ARF/FDS

Panel participants: Ivana Lalovic (director), Sophie Heldman (director), Rolando Coll (director), Robert Boner (producer), Christian Jungen (film journalist)

Sunday, September 23, 11.00, Festival Centre 


3D, Animation and Special Effects – 
the science behind the magic  

What illusions can be created in film today? What innovations are behind them? ETH professor Markus Gross is director of Zurich-based Disney Research and talks us through the latest tricks and trends – using plenty of examples.

Speaker: Prof. Markus Gross, Director Disney Research

Friday September 28, 16.00, Festival Centre

Film Music Competition

Thursday, September 27, 2012, 19.00 Tonhalle, grosser Saal

Film music is of great significance – yet rarely the subject of targeted promotion, particularly in the German-speaking world. And we aim to change that. In collaboration with the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, the first International Film Music competition takes place in 2012 during the 8th Zurich Film Festival. Participants were asked to create a film music score for symphony orchestra to the short film EVERMORE by Swiss filmmaker Philip Hofmänner. Composers from around the world aged 35 and under were eligible to enter. Jury members David Zinman, Annette Focks, Philip Hofmänner and Henning Lohner chose the five finalists from 145 entries in the run-up to the Zurich Film Festival. Their works will now be world premiered at a finalist concert. The jury will announce the winner at the Tonhalle – and a Golden Eye endowed with a CHF 10’000 cash prize will be the reward.


Part 1: International Film Music Competition

World premiere performance of soundtracks to the film EVERMORE by Philip Hofmänner (CH 2011)

Finalists: Adrian Diery (Australia), Jan Glembotzki (Japan), Anze Rozman (Slovenia), Adam Zurada (Poland), Michael Künstle (Switzerland)

Part 2: Film Music Classics

Performance of five film music classics

Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Overture to CAPTAIN BLOOD, Max Steiner: Title music (Tara) from GONE WITH THE WIND, Bernhard Herrmann: Suite from VERTIGO, Nino Rota: Suite from THE GODFATHER, John Williams: Suite from STAR WARS

Film Finance Forum

Film Finance Forum @ Zurich Film Festival 

We proudly announce this years Film Finance Forum Zurich on September 22, 2012 at Hotel Dolder Grand.

The Film Finance Forum is a prestigious film-financing event that takes place annually in Los Angeles, Toronto, Cannes, and Zurich.

The first Film Finance Forum in the German-speaking world took place in 2010 within the framework of the Zurich Film Festival. This third edition is organized by the Zurich Film Festival in collaboration with Winston/Baker.

The Film Finance Forum sees top-class leaders from the field of entertainment financing discuss the influence of current trends on the international film industry. The forum is aimed at both private investors and investment bankers involved in the field of film and producers, sales managers and distributors from the film industry.

Further information can be found under: