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Jury International Documentary Film


John Battsek: producer (UK)

int dok battsek

John Battsek was a producer on Kevin Macdonald’s ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER, which won the feature documentary Oscar in 2000. He has since channelled his passion for documentary into numerous projects, including SERGIO (2009) and THE TILLMAN STORY (2010), which both screened at the Zurich Film Festival. This energetic producer, based at Passion Pictures in London, has now brought his latest project, BETTER THIS WORLD, to Zurich.

Charles Ferguson: director, producer (USA)

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Multifaceted Charles Ferguson came to film indirectly: He worked for the U.S. government and for companies such as Apple and Intel as a technical advisor. He studied mathematics and got his Ph.D. in political science in 1989. As a director and producer, Ferguson made the documentary film NO END IN SIGHT, which deals with the American occupation of Iraq. His latest film, INSIDE JOB, casts a critical eye on what brought about the current financial crisis; the film recently won the Oscar for best documentary.

Eline Flipse: director (Netherlands)

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Following language studies at the Sorbonne in Paris, Eline Flipse attended the Amsterdam Film Academy from 1974 to 1977. She has since worked as a freelance documentary filmmaker. Her film BROKEN SILENCE, which tells the tales of five young Chinese composers, received an award at Nyon’s Visions du Réel in 1996. Her medium-length film NASHA GAZETA, about a one-man Russian newspaper, brought Flipse the Jury Award at the 2010 Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto.

Nino Kirtadze: director, screenwriter, actress (Georgia)

int dok kirtadze

Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, Nino Kirtadze studied literature before turning to film as a screenwriter and actress. She is renowned for sensitive documentaries tackling controversial topics, such as the war in Chechnya (CHECHEN LULLABY, 2008). Kirtadze received the 2005 European Film Academy Award for her tragicomic tale THE PIPELINE NEXT DOOR.  

Stephen Nemeth, producer (USA)

int dok nemeth

Stephen Nemeth founded independent production company Rhino Films, and has shepherded numerous films in his role as a producer and executive producer. He produced Terry Gilliam’s FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, starring Johnny Depp, and worked on the Oscar-nominated documentary WAR DANCE as well as CLIMATE REFUGEES, which can be seen at this year’s Zurich Film Festival.