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Zurich Talks


ORTE FILMISCHES WISSENS: Book Presentation and Discussion about Film Education

The book ‘ORTE FILMISCHEN WISSENS – Filmkultur und Filmvermittlung im Zeitalter digitaler Netzwerke’ will be launched at this year’s Zurich Film Festival. Questions on film education will be examined in the post-launch discussion. This event marks the beginning of the 7th Zurich Film Festival’s School Screenings.

Fri, September 23, 17:00, corso 4

Panel: Culture Promotion

Partner: SFP in collaboration with ARF/FDS and GARP

The federal government’s new guidelines on culture promotion have led to broad discussions with regard to their purpose and function. Personalities from the fields of science and culture will explore the topic in detail at a panel discussion.   

Sat, September 24, 12:00, Festival Centre

Anatole Taubman - "Inside the Actors Studio"

Internationally acclaimed swiss actor Anatole Taubman talks about his career with Zurich based casting agent Corinna Glaus.

Mon, September 26, 16.30, Festival Centre

Panel ‘The VoD Jungle – or Films at the Click of a Button’: Opportunities and Risks for Producers and Distributors

Partner: Focal

S-VoD, T-VoD, A-VoD – many abbreviations, big promises. But what lies behind the various video-on-demand formats? This panel, organised within the framework of the Zurich Film Festival, presents the players and offers an introduction to the subject. 

Thursday, September 29, 12:00, Festival Centre

Panel: Practical Implementation of the New Film Promotion Concept

Partner: Independent Swiss Film Producers’ Association

The new film promotion concept will come into effect in 2012. Several changes are expected, to be announced by the Federal Office for Culture this autumn. Following years of discussions about the revision of film regulations, this panel is dedicated to examining the concept’s implementation and the difficulties associated with it.

Fri, September 30, 12:00, Festival Centre

Panel: Jury Talk

Before the big Award Night, jury members and the Zurich Film Festival’s artistic directors will give an insight into their function. How does the decision process work? What criteria do the jury look for in a film? What makes a good film? Gripping questions on the eve of the Golden Eye presentation!

Sat, October 1, 12:00, Festival Centre