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Jury International Documentary Film Competition


Jennifer Fox, Director, Producer, Camerawoman

Jennifer Fox

Jennifer Fox is an internationally sought-after director, producer and camerawoman. Her debut film BEIRUT: THE LAST HOME MOVIE (1987) was screened in 20 countries and has won several prizes, including the Sundance Festival’s Best Documentary Film in 1988. The New York Times and other publications ranked the AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY series, produced, directed and shot by Fox, amongst the top-ten series of 1999. Jennifer Fox’s six-part FLYING CONFESSIONS OF A FREE WOMAN celebrated its premiere at the 2006 Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival. She produced PROJECT TEN: REAL STORIES FROM A FREE SOUTH AFRICA for South African TV. Fox’s most recent work MY REINCARNATION centres on an exiled Tibetan Master and his son and took her 20 years to complete. 

Mark Lewis, Director, Screenwriter, Producer

Mark Lewis

Born in Sydney, Mark Lewis completed his studies in economics before graduating as a director from the Australian Film School. His comical natural history documentaries take as their topic the complex and occasionally amusing relationship between man and animal. He thereby tackles one of the strangest of all life forms – the human being. His characteristic, irony-loaded conveyance of the facts has audiences rethinking their attitude towards animals, both small and large. Mark Lewis’s CANE TOADS: AN UNNATURAL HISTORY (1988), THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DOGS (1990) and THE NATURAL HISTORY OF THE CHICKEN (2000) have become household titles. His work has earned him numerous prizes, including three Emmys, a British Academy Award and a Directors Guild of America Nomination. 

Chris Paine, Director, Producer

Chris Paine

US-American Chris Paine – co-founder of Mondo-tronics, which provided NASA’s Pathfinder mission with robots, and creator of the online Internet service Outfitters – first attracted attention with his 2006 documentary film WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? The film portrays the development of electric cars in California and their demise. Paine previously worked as a producer on Mark Neale’s documentary films ASTER (2003) and NO MAPS FOR THESE TERRITORIES (2000). He also assisted Michael Tolkin with THE NEW AGE (1994). REVENGE OF THE ELECTRIC CAR and CHARGE!, a film about an electric motorbike race on the Isle of Man, are projects planned for 2011. Paine recently began the Narrative War Room project about the oil disaster in the Southern States. 

Nenad Puhovski, Director, Producer

Nenad Puhovski

Born 1949 in Zagreb, Nenad Puhovski studied sociology and philosophy with parallel studies in film and television directing. His documentary films DEAD HARBOUR (1976) and BORDERLINE OF HUNGER (1994) highlighted social issues. The visual arts form another of his focal points (e.g. IN QUEST OF SUTEJ, 1981). In 1996, Puhovski founded Factum, which soon became Croatia’s most influential documentary film production company. In 2004, he organised the ZagrebDox documentary film festival. Puhovski is the founder and head of the directing and production of documentary films master’s programme at the Academy for Drama Arts in Zagreb, and an internationally sought-after jury member. He received the 2009 EDN Award for his comprehensive contribution to documentary film in Europe. 

Heidi Specogna, Director

Heidi Specogna

Born 1959 in Biel, Heidi Specogna attended the journalist’s school in Zurich and worked for various Swiss-German media companies. She studied at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin from 1982 until 1988 and has instructed in documentary filmmaking at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy since 2003. Latin America is one of Specogna’s favourite topics: she portrays the guerrilla fighter Tamara Bunke in TANIA LA GUERILLERA (1991) and tackles the Tupamaros guerrilla movement in TUPAMAROS (1996). Specogna has received the Swiss Film Award, the Coral-Award at the Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in Havanna and the Adolf Grimme Award. She was also nominated for the German Film Award. Heidi Specogna is a member of the Swiss and German film academies.