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by Des Doyle TVision

Who is responsible for and ensures the continuous development of such TV series and comedy shows as LOST, BUFFY, BOARDWALK EMPIRE and BIG BANG THEORY? Behind all the ingenious concepts of American series are the so-called ‘showrunners’. They are the creative makers and shrewd coordinators. They have to keep track of development, script, production, finances and logistics in a daily struggle between art and commerce. In SHOWRUNNERS we accompany them in their work. A fascinating peek behind the scenes of the television industry.

  • Genre: DOC: Arts & Culture
  • Country, Year: Ireland, USA, 2014
  • Runtime: 86 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Director: Des Doyle
  • Cast: J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon, Kurt Sutter, Jason O'Mara
  • Screenplay: Des Doyle
  • Cinematography: Alan Calzetti
  • Editor: John Murphy
  • Sound: Sabi Tulok , Canaan Triplett, A. Tad Chamberlain
  • Music: Jeremy Little
  • Producers: John Wallace, Rock Shaink
  • Co-Producer: Ryan Patrick McGuffey
  • Executive Producers: Christof Bove, Jason Rose, Jimmy Nguyen
  • Production Company: Black Sheep Production
  • World Sales: Submarine Entertainment
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