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Miracle / Miracol

by Bogdan George Apetri Feature Film Competition

A young woman sneaks out of a convent early one morning and takes a cab to the hospital of a small Romanian town. When she fails to return in the evening, the unpredictable police inspector Marius is assigned to investigate and retrace the novice's steps. What exactly happened? Marius comes across chilling clues to a crime that he attempts to solve with a growing obsession. But is this the investigator's only motivation? Director Bogdan George Apetri makes us question our own perceptions in this riveting mystery. His crime drama, a film of the new Romanian school, captivates with long takes and dissolute dialogue.

About the director(s)

Born in 1975, the Rumanian director Bogdan George Apetri studied directing and film at Columbia University in New York. After several short films, he shot his first feature-length fiction film OUTBOUND in 2010. UNIDENTIFIED, the first part of his planned trilogy comprising three self-contained stories, was released in 2019. MIRACLE, the second part, world premiered at this year’s film festival in Venice.

Filmography (selection): Miracle (2021) | Unidentified (2019) | Outbound (2010)

About the director(s)
  • Genre: Crime Thriller
  • Country, Year: Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, 2021
  • Runtime: 118 Min
  • Languages: Romanian
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Bogdan George Apetri
  • Cast: Ioana Bugarin, Emanuel Pârvu, Cezar Antal, Ovidiu Crișan, Valeriu Andriuță
  • Screenplay: Bogdan George Apetri
  • Cinematography: Oleg Mutu
  • Editor: Bogdan George Apetri
  • Sound: Mārtiņš Rozentāls
  • Producers: Viktor Schwarcz, Aija Bērziņa, Oana Iancu, Bogdan George Apetri, Minodora Șerban
  • Production Companies: The East Company, Cineart TV Prague, Tasse Film
  • World Sales: Memento Films International
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