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by Franziska Meyer Price Gala Premieres

Quotas for women, parking spaces for women, online shopping, small talk and gossip. Software developer Erol, porta-potty rep Lars, and commercial pilot Helmut are licking the wounds of their masculinity – a female-free zone is what’s needed! In the boiler room of their recently built housing complex, the three stressed husbands create a secret refuge where they can watch football, eat fast-food, drink beer and curse the opposite sex undisturbed. When Aykut, the complex’s facility manager, discovers their last bastion of masculinity, he threatens to close it down. One thing is for sure, the men are not going to give up their little slice of paradise without a fight. Based on the stage play bearing the same name, director Franziska Meyer Price allows men to return to rebellious ladhood.

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country, Year: Germany, 2014
  • Runtime: 98 Min
  • Languages: German
  • Director: Franziska Meyer Price
  • Cast: Christoph Maria Herbst, Elyas M'Barek, Detlev Buck, Serkan Cetinkaya
  • Screenplay: Rainer Ewerrien, David Ungureit
  • Cinematography: Bernhard Jasper
  • Editors: Stefan Essl, Zaz Montana
  • Sound: Michael Busch
  • Music: Christoph Zirngibl
  • Producer: Dieter Ulrich Aselmann
  • Executive Producers: Oliver Berben, Martin Moszkowicz
  • Production Company: die film gmbh
  • Swiss Distribution: Pathé Films AG
  • www.maennerhort-film.de
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