• Nono, Het Zigzag Kind
  • Nono, Het Zigzag Kind
  • Nono, Het Zigzag Kind

Nono, Het Zigzag Kind

by Vincent Bal ZFF for Kids

Nono is about to turn 13. According to Jewish tradition it’s time for his Bar Mitzvah. His father, Inspector Feierberg, is the best detective in the Netherlands. Nono would like nothing more than to be just like him. He wants to learn everything a police officer should know. Nono lost his mother when he was just a child and his father remains strangely silent whenever he questions him about her. Curious to uncover this secret, Nono is supported in his task by the world’s most notorious gangster, a mischievous elderly gentleman.

  • Genre: Children
  • Country, Year: Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, UK, 2012
  • Runtime: 91 Min
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Vincent Bal
  • Cast: Isabella Rosselini, Burghart Klaussner, Thomas Simon, Fedja van Huêt, Camille de Pazzis, Jessica Zeylmaker
  • Screenplay: Vincent Bal, Jon Gilbert
  • Cinematography: Walther Vanden Ende
  • Editor: Peter Alderliesten
  • Sound: Geert Vlegels
  • Music: Thomas de Prins
  • Producers: Burny Bos, Els Vandevorst
  • Production Company: BosBros
  • World Sales: Attraction Distribution
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