• Carl Lutz - Der vergessene Held
  • Carl Lutz - Der vergessene Held
  • Carl Lutz - Der vergessene Held

Carl Lutz - Der vergessene Held

by Daniel von Aarburg Border Lines

As a Swiss diplomat in Budapest, Carl Lutz was responsible for rescuing tens of thousands of persecuted Jews from certain death by issuing them passports. Lutz fell in love with one of those saved, left his wife at the end of the war and moved with his new lover and stepdaughter to Bern. Far from receiving praise from his homeland for his heroic deed, Lutz was instead faced with legal proceedings for exceeding his authority. Celebrated abroad, Lutz fought a bitter and futile struggle for rehabilitation in Switzerland till the very end of his life. Director Daniel von Aarburg tells the story of the “Swiss Schindler” Carl Lutz using the oral history of numerous Holocaust survivors and extensive archive footage.

  • Genre: DOC: History & Politics
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, 2014
  • Runtime: 90 Min
  • Languages: Swiss German, German, English, Hebrew, Hungarian
  • Subtitles: German, English
  • Director: Daniel von Aarburg
  • Cast: Agnes Hirschi
  • Screenplay: Daniel von Aarburg
  • Cinematography: Marco Barberi
  • Editor: Fabian C. Meier
  • Sound: Dieter Meyer, Tamas Devenyi, Michael Jellasitz, Moti Elimelech, Scott Szabo, Jerry Stein
  • Music: Kolsimcha Klezmer, Oliver Truan
  • Producer: Patrick M. Müller
  • Production Company: DOCMINE Productions AG
  • Swiss Distribution: Spot on Distribution
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