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by Cihan Inan German Language Feature Film / Competition

A man is out for revenge, two teenagers flirt with each other, two nurses gossip before their nightshift begins, a couple sits in a car, so excited they can hardly wait to get home: 24 hours in the life of a handful of people brought together by fate. The protagonists of 180° are catapulted from their apparently secure everyday lives into a new reality – be it as the result of a momentary lapse of concentration or because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. They find themselves experiencing rage, hate and the power of love in extreme situations and muster the courage to face life again on a daily basis. 180° is a homage to life rather than a drama.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Switzerland, 2010
  • Runtime: 93 Min
  • Languages: German, Swiss German, Turkish
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Cihan Inan
  • Cast: Christopher Buchholz, Sophie Rois, Michael Neuenschwander, Asli Bayram, Siir Egloglu, Güven Kirac, Mehmet Atesci, Firat Kaplan, Umut Yildirim, Leonardo Nigro, Sabine Timeteo, Lorenz Nufer, Benjamin Gruetter, Carla Juri, Miriam Stein, Nurit Hirschfeld, Gerd Heinz, Kamil Krejci
  • Screenplay: Cihan Inan
  • Cinematography: René Richter
  • Editor: Kaya Inan
  • Sound: Tom Weber
  • Music: Diego Baldenweg
  • Producer: Anne Walser
  • Production Company: C-Films AG
  • Swiss Distribution: Praesens Film AG
  • www.180-film.com
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