• Un Dia Menos
  • Un Dia Menos
  • Un Dia Menos

Un Dia Menos

by Dariela Ludlow Documentary Competition

Carmen and Emeterio Deloya is a very old married couple living in a small apartment on the outskirts of the Mexican coastal town of Acapulco. Their life pays homage to slowness. Repeated rituals determine their day in monotonous succession. They observe the aging process with a great deal of humour, self-irony and silent admiration. New Year’s Eve is an annual highlight and a time when the whole family gathers at Carmen and Eme’s place to fill their apartment with cheer and laughter. The New Year has barely begun before they find themselves alone once more. And Dona Carmen begins counting the days till the next New Year’s Eve – everyday is one day less.

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Country, Year: Mexico, 2009
  • Runtime: 80 Min
  • Languages: Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Dariela Ludlow
  • Cast: Carmen Cortes Villegas, Emeterio Deloya Cardenas
  • Screenplay: Dariela Ludlow, Miguel Schverdfinger
  • Cinematography: Dariela Ludlow
  • Editor: Miguel Schverdfinger
  • Sound: Matias Barberis
  • Producers: Dariela Ludlow, Issa Guerra
  • Production Company: Chamaca Films
  • World Sales: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia (IMCINE)
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