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by Magnus von Horn Feature Film Competition

Full of energy, Sylwia bounds onto the stage in her pink sports outfit to spur on her hysterical fans. Public workouts and group selfies are part of everyday life for the young woman, who has become a star in Poland as a fitness trainer and influencer. With a permanent smile on her face, Sylwia records every step she takes on her mobile phone, only to share these seconds later with hundreds of thousands of admirers via social media. But when she is confronted by a stalker in front of her apartment, a vulnerable, lonely person who longs for true intimacy is revealed from behind her façade of over 600,000 Instagram followers. Sylwia has to ask herself how many real feelings her exposed life on the Internet can stand. In his lively drama, director Magnus von Horn focuses on a woman who is in danger of being torn between her public and private existence. The universal social media madness is made palpable by the dynamic camera work and a captivating lead actress.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Poland, Sweden, France, 2020
  • Runtime: 105 Min
  • Languages: Polish
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Magnus von Horn
  • Cast: Magdalena Koleśnik, Julian Świeżewski, Aleksandra Konieczna, Zbigniew Zamachowski
  • Screenplay: Magnus von Horn
  • Cinematography: Michał Dymek
  • Editor: Agnieszka Glińska
  • Sound: Michał Robaczewski
  • Music: Piotr Kurek
  • Producers: Mariusz Włodarski, Piotr Dzieciol, Rafal Golis, Lizette Jonjic, Peter Possne, Jedrzej Sablinski
  • Production Companies: Lava Films, Zentropa Sweden, Film i Väst AB, Canal +, EC1 Łodź – City of Culture, Opus Film, DI Factory
  • World Sales: New Europe Film Sales
  • Swiss Distribution: First Hand Films
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