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by Jessica Kingdon Documentary Competition

Electronic parts, jeans, sex dolls – whenever demand grows, China is there to supply. Jobs in the big factories are coveted and advertised with such comfortable terms as air conditioning and adequate dormitory space. If you work hard enough, you can climb the ladder. ASCENSION is a visually stunning collage and a unique insight into modern factory work and mass consumption that once again puts globalisation in a new light. The film also shows the people who ensure that production never sleeps, as well as those who have already reached the top of the success ladder. The Chinese dream – within reach!

About the director(s)

Jessica Kingdon is a Chinese-American director and producer. Her award-winning short film COMMODITY CITY screened at more than 50 festivals. Her list of productions includes BORN TO BE (NYFF 2019), THE WATER SLIDE (True/False 2018) and OLD STONE (Berlinale 2016). She is a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective. ASCENSION, her first feature-length documentary, premiered this year at Tribeca Film Festival.

Filmography (selection): Ascension (doc, 2021) | It's Coming! (short, doc, 2020) | Commodity City (short, doc, 2017)

About the director(s)
  • Genre: DOC: Social & Human Interest
  • Country, Year: USA, 2021
  • Runtime: 97 Min
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Jessica Kingdon
  • Cinematography: Jessica Kingdon, Nathan Truesdell
  • Editor: Jessica Kingdon
  • Music: Dan Deacon
  • Producers: Kira Simon-Kennedy, Jessica Kingdon, Nathan Truesdell
  • Executive Producers: Ryan Kampe, David Dolby, Natasha Dolby, Kathryn Everett, Bryn Mooser, Justin Lacob, Tony Hsieh, Andy Hsieh
  • Production Companies: Mouth Numbing Spicy Crab, XTR
  • World Sales: Visit Films
  • www.visitfilms.com/ascension
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