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La Llorona

by Jayro Bustamante Feature Film Competition

Thirty years after the civil war in Guatemala, the unscrupulous, now aged General Enrique is in court to answer for his former crimes. Despite the overwhelming proof and outraged demonstrators, he is acquitted and set free to enjoy the rest of his days. However, when Enrique suddenly begins to behave strangely and is no longer able to sleep at night, his relatives suspect Alzheimer’s while he remains convinced that he hears the distinct and unbearable weeping of a woman. No one in the house suspects it yet, but the arrival of the new housekeeper Alma marks the simultaneous arrival of an inexorable spirit; a wandering soul that has come to haunt the General and his wife. Director Jayro Bustamante’s stunning new work explores the country’s still-unhealed historical wounds, weaving together an indigenous struggle for justice with the magical terror of a Latin American legend.

  • Genre: Drama
  • Country, Year: Guatemala, France, 2019
  • Runtime: 97 Min
  • Languages: Spanish, Kaqchikel, Ixil
  • Subtitles: English, German
  • Director: Jayro Bustamante
  • Cast: María Mercedes Coroy, Margarita Kénefic, Sabrina de la Hoz, Julio Díaz, María Telón, Ayla-Elea Hurtado, Juan Pablo Olyslager
  • Screenplay: Jayro Bustamante, Lisandro Sánchez
  • Cinematography: Nicolás Wong Díaz
  • Editors: Gustavo Matheu, Jayro Bustamante
  • Sound: Eduardo Cáceres
  • Music: Pascual Reyes
  • Producers: Jayro Bustamante, Gustavo Matheu, Georges Renand, Marina Peralta
  • Executive Producer: Gustavo Matheu
  • Production Companies: La Casa de Producción, Les Films du Volcan
  • World Sales: Film Factory Entertainment
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