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by Wim Wenders Retro: Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders' impressive 3D documentary film is a monument to choreographer Pina Bausch. The film centres on excerpts from her choreographed dramas ‘Le sacre du printemps’, ‘Café Müller’, ‘Kontakthof’ and ‘Vollmond’, and is supplemented by statements of from her ensemble members.

  • Genre: DOC: Portrait
  • Country, Year: Germany, France, UK, 2011
  • Runtime: 103 Min
  • Languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean
  • Subtitles: German, French
  • Director: Wim Wenders
  • Cast: , ,
  • Screenplay: Wim Wenders
  • Cinematography: Hélène Louvart, Jörg Widmer
  • Editor: Toni Froschhammer
  • Sound: André Rigaut
  • Music: Thom Hanreich
  • Producers: Gian-Piero Ringel, Erwin M. Schmidt, Wim Wenders
  • Production Company: Neue Road Movies GmbH
  • Swiss Distribution: Filmcoopi Zürich AG
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