The Ballad of Lefty Brown

by Jared Moshé Gala Premieres

63-year-old Lefty Brown is the right-hand man to notorious Western hero and sheriff Edward Johnson. For years, he has worked on his farm, which, since Johnson was elected senator of Montana, he is now left in charge of. Johnson’s wife doubts Lefty’s ability to do the job. When the newly elected senator is suddenly shot, his faithful sidekick steps into the spotlight, swears revenge and rides off into the barren desert. An old companion anxiously sets off to bring Lefty back home. But Lefty is too busy becoming a hero himself… In a modern yet highly nostalgic manner, director Jared Moshé breaks with the ideology of the Western and gives new life to the genre by bringing the sidekick to the forefront.

  • Genre: Western
  • Country, Year: USA, 2017
  • Runtime: 111 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Subtitles: German
  • Director: Jared Moshé
  • Cast: Bill Pullman, Jim Caviezel, Peter Fonda, Tommy Flanagan, Diego Josef, Kathy Baker
  • Screenplay: Jared Moshé
  • Cinematography: David McFarland
  • Editor: Terel Gibson
  • Sound: Bryan Parker
  • Music: Scott Salinas
  • Producers: Neda Armian, Ed Parks, Daniel Burks, Jared Moshé
  • Executive Producer: Niraj Bhatia
  • Production Companies: Armian Pictures, Rival Pictures, Om Films, Higher Content
  • World Sales: WTFilms
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3 reviews

Gröbers Grien us dr Chiesgruebe, 8 Months ago

Pill Pullman ist eine Wucht, wie er den tolpatschigen Lefty Brown spielt, der im Verlauf des Films über sich hinauswächst. Auf Kugelhagel muss man nicht verzichten und auch sonst werden Western-Liebhaber auf ihre Kosten kommen, bei diesem wunderbar anderen Take-on des Genres.

Patrick Thomann, 8 Months ago

Knallhartes Western-Rache-Movie bei dem viel Blei verschossen wird.Pill Pullman spielt seine Rolle als alten-kautzigen Western-Helden famos.

Ahab Dent, 8 Months ago

I have seen a lot of western movies but none of them was as bad as The Ballad of Lefty Brown. Let me say up front that Bill Pullmans performance was the only good thing in it. It seems that the producers spent most of their money on him. Unfortunately he is not able to save the movie from beeing a debacle. The acting of the other characters is TERRIBLE, especially from the boy. The cinematography is quite lazy. With such a spectacular landscape(Montana) you could do better. The colors of the movie are all over the place and the tone is inconsistent during the movie. I did like the grainy feel(shot on Kodak film) but in some of the night shots it was way to dark for me to see and it didnt feel like a stylistic element done on purpose. The editing is also worth mentioning...The fight scenes where done in the usual boring technique we are so used to see from hollywood movies. No punch is actually seen, only a cut accompanied with a very unrealistic sound effect. The shootouts where a joke! Sometimes they take cover behind bushes and thin wooden planks. The people in the movie all look very clean, the leather holsters, saddles, etc seem like fresh out of production. The story is soo unrealistic all the time and the characters in it are plain stupid..all of them! The script...what where they thinking??? Now I know that western movies are not realistic but this movie had just so many flaws and it was hard to be quiet during its run time to not ruin other peoples experiences. This film should be called "The Ballad of the Suppressed Laughter" least for me.