D'après une histoire vraie / Based on a True Story

by Roman Polanski Gala Premieres

Writer Delphine Dayriex’s recently published book about her own family is a resounding hit. Nevertheless, she feels completely drained and suffers from an increasingly serious case of writer’s block. One day she meets a mysterious and strangely obtrusive woman who calls herself ‘L’, claims to be a fan and turns out to be a ghostwriter. The two women soon develop a special friendship, and it doesn’t take much before ‘L’ is moving in and working as an assistant – her motivation supposedly selfless…
Based on Delphine de Vigan’s eponymous novel, master director Roman Polanski has created a pleasantly unsettling thriller about reality, fiction and the power of imagination.

  • Genre: Thriller
  • Country, Year: France, Belgium, Poland, 2017
  • Runtime: 110 Min
  • Languages: French
  • Subtitles: German, English
  • Director: Roman Polanski
  • Cast: Eva Green, Emmanuelle Seigner, Vincent Perez
  • Screenplay: Olivier Assayas, Roman Polanski
  • Cinematography: Pawel Edelman
  • Editor: Margot Meynier
  • Sound: Lucien Balibar
  • Music: Alexandre Desplat
  • Producer: Wassim Béji
  • Production Companies: Wy Productions, Belga Productions, Monolith Films
  • World Sales: Lionsgate
  • Swiss Distribution: Impuls Pictures
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3 reviews

Adhideb Ghosh, 10 Months ago

Interesting psychological thriller revolving around a writer and her obsessive admirer. Unfortunately the lead characters were not properly fleshed out which made it hard to connect with them... expected more!

Patrick Thomann, 10 Months ago

Über den Film hindurch wird ein unheimlicher & ein beklemmender Sog versprüht.Kommt als Schwimming Pool & Misery Filmmix daher

Darya Nevzorova, 10 Months ago