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  • Geheimcode M.

Geheimcode M.

by Dennis Bots ZFF for Kids

Isabel (11) is on a quest for the sword of d’Artagnan – the former leader of the legendary Three Musketeers – in tradition with the previous work of her beloved yet seldom seen grandfather. While the blade has been missing for hundreds of years, Isabel’s only clue to its whereabouts is a mysterious code. Together with her cousin Rick and her friend Jules, she sets out on a fast-paced adventure through old mansions and castles, quickly discovering that she’s not the only one seeking the coveted item. Isabel’s mission in finding the sword is to protect her grandfather and reunite her estranged family, which, however, will only work if her friends have as much courage and perseverance as the glorious Musketeers. One for all and all for one!

  • Genre: Children
  • Country, Year: Netherlands, 2015
  • Runtime: 98 Min
  • Languages: German (synchro-version)
  • Director: Dennis Bots
  • Cast: Nina Wyss, Senna Borsato, Joes Brauers, Hannah van Lunteren
  • Screenplay: Tijs van Marle, Karen van Holst Pellekaan
  • Cinematography: Dennis Wielaert
  • Editor: Elsbeth Kasteel
  • Music: Fons Merkies, Laurens Goedhart
  • Producers: Harro van Staverden, Elbe Stevens, David-Jan Bijker, Mylene Verdurmen, Martin Dewitte
  • Production Companies: Bijker Film & TV, Elbe Stevens Films
  • World Sales: Sola Media GmbH
  • Swiss Distribution: Elite Film AG
  • codemdefilm.nl
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