• Rico, Oskar und der Diebstahlstein
  • Rico, Oskar und der Diebstahlstein
  • Rico, Oskar und der Diebstahlstein

Rico, Oskar und der Diebstahlstein

by Neele Leana Vollmar ZFF for Kids

Rico and Oskar, two dissimilar friends and hobby detectives are living next door to each other at Dieffenstrasse 93 in Berlin. Everything seems fine until their grumpy neighbour Fitzke suddenly dies of a heart attack, leaving Rico to inherit a collection of stones. While Oskar is convinced that the collection is worthless, Rico believes he is in possession of a valuable hoard. When the two boys discover that Rico’s favourite stone has been stolen, their sense for deductive reasoning is awoken! The trail of the thief leads to the Baltic Sea and, luckily for them, Rico’s mother and her new boyfriend have just left on a trip together, leaving the two detectives to begin their adventurous journey… The final part of a highly entertaining German trilogy based on the eponymous children’s books by Andreas Steinhöfel.

  • Genre: Children
  • Country, Year: Germany, 2016
  • Runtime: 94 Min
  • Languages: German
  • Subtitles: English
  • Director: Neele Leana Vollmar
  • Cast: Anton Petzold , Juri Winkler , Karoline Herfurth, Detlev Buck, Ronald Zehrfeld
  • Screenplay: Martin Gypkens
  • Cinematography: Felix Novo de Oliveira
  • Editor: Benjamin Kaubisch
  • Sound: Frank Heidbrink
  • Music: Oliver Thiede
  • Producers: Philipp Budweg, Robert Marciniak, Magdalena Prosteder,
  • Production Companies: Lieblingsfilm GmbH, Fox International Productions
  • World Sales: Beta Cinema
  • www.ricoundoskar-diefilme.de/die-filme.html
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