• No Offence
  • No Offence
  • No Offence

No Offence

by Catherine Morshead, David Kerr TVision

During a taxi trip home, the ride’s date turns out to be a prat. She unceremoniously chucks him out of the door onto the pavement and announces. “I’d rather have a wank”. Her name is Diana Kowalska, a criminal police officer. During a night out, the already long-drawn evening has yet another surprise in store for her. The morning after, she is back with the murder squad, where the celebration of hilarious and equally incredible one-liners is the daily norm, and crisis meetings are usually held in the toilets. But things have just gotten serious: a killer is on the loose. And he must be caught – whatever the cost. British creator Paul Abbot’s skill at combining the easily digestible with the downright detestable is second to none. ZFF shows the pilot episode of this new cop comedy.

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Country, Year: UK, 2015
  • Runtime: 47 Min
  • Languages: English
  • Directors: Catherine Morshead, David Kerr
  • Cast: Joanna Scanlan, Elaine Cassidy, Alexandra Roach, Will Mellor, Paul Ritter, Colin Salmon
  • Screenplay: Paul Abbott
  • Cinematography: David Marsh
  • Editor: Justin Krish
  • Sound: David Mitchell
  • Music: Vince Pope
  • Producer: Simon Meyers
  • Executive Producers: Paul Abbott, Martin Carr
  • Production Company: Abbott Vision
  • World Sales: FremantleMedia
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