Podcast: Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes

ZFF Masters: Todd Haynes (2015)

Todd Haynes ist eine der interessantesten Persönlichkeiten des Independent-Kinos der Gegenwart. Der 1961 in Los Angeles geborene Drehbuchautor und Regisseur gilt als einer der Wegbereiter des „New Queer Cinema“ der 1990er Jahre. Mit seinen kompromisslosen und oftmals sublim erotischen Filmen versteht es Haynes immer wieder, tradierte Erzählstrukturen elegant zu unterwandern. Bereits sein Regie-Debut, das Science-Fiction Drama POISON, wurde 1991 mit dem Hauptpreis in Sundance ausgezeichnet. Inzwischen kann sich der studierte Semiotiker über 46 internationale Auszeichnungen freuen, darunter der Spezialpreis der Jury in Cannes für die Glam-Rock-Hommage VELVET GOLDMINE (1998), der Spezialpreis der Jury an der Mostra in Venedig für das Bob Dylan-Biopic I'M NOT THERE (2007) sowie eine Oscarnominierung für FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002). Bei den ZFF Masters gibt Todd Haynes Einblick in sein Schaffen und seinen Film CAROL.

Moderation: Steven Gätjen
Sprache: Englisch
Dauer: ca. 60 Minuten

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Show Notes

  • Although Todd Haynes was initially an actor when still in high school, he eventually became intrigued by the director’s craft through films like THE GRADUATE and MIDNIGHT COWBOY, with their strong directorial and editorial point-of-views. [02:00]
  • Stimulated by an audience question, Todd Haynes emphasizes the importance of film history and how one can benefit from a guide – be that a teacher, critic or YouTuber – who can lead one through the weight of options that constitute all of film history. [10:50]
  • He muses about why actors like to work with him and how their trust in his vision and their willingness to work for less money have helped him to secure financing for his movies, which was the case, for instance, with Richard Gere’s support of I’M NOT THERE. [17:34]
  • Todd Haynes’ relationship with the different cinematographers of his projects and interesting details about the image books he created for them when working on FAR FROM HEAVEN, I’M NOT THERE and most recently, CAROL. [20:13]
  • Focusing on CAROL and discussing the incredible chemistry between Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett. [25:50]
  • On the universal message of CAROL. [31:28]
  • Whether Todd Haynes is able to stay objective to his own material and how he relies on pre-release screenings. [33:55]
  • Discussing CAROL’s beautiful score by Carter Burwell, who is not only known for his work with the Coen brothers, but who has also contributed the score to Todd Haynes’ mini-series MILDRED PIERCE. [44:57]
  • Todd Haynes ends by disclosing what he is currently working on: the mystery drama WONDERSTRUCK. [57:08]