Podcast: Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe © Sven Bänziger

ZFF Masters: Daniel Radcliffe (2016)

Seit dem Ende der HARRY-POTTER-Reihe geniesst Daniel Radcliffe seine künstlerische Freiheit: Mit erfolgreichen Auftritten am Broadway und ambitionierten Film- und Serien-Projekten stellt er sein vielseitiges Talent unter Beweis. 2016 brillierte Radcliffe gleich in zwei Filmen am ZFF: in der verrückten Abenteuerkomödie SWISS ARMY MAN und dem Undercover-Thriller IMPERIUM. Ob tiefgründige Einblicke in seine Schauspielarbeit oder spritzige Anekdoten, der sympathische Engländer weiss sein Publikum zu unterhalten.

Moderation: Wendy Mitchell
Sprache: Englisch
Dauer: ca. 57 Min.

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Show notes

  • Not surprisingly, the conversation begins with the HARRY POTTER franchise. Daniel Radcliffe reveals how his acting style developed from a mostly instinctual performance at age 10 to one rather based on processes such as getting into the right mood with music or meticulously working through the script beforehand. [02:06]
  • Daniel’s life post-Potter: The frightening yet invaluable experience of working on the very physical play Equus after the franchise ended and how he was able to take a lot of confidence away from it. [10:06]
  • The first two films he did still during and right after the last HARY POTTER film, namely WOMAN IN BLACK and KILL YOUR DARLINGS. He charmingly explains how he prepared for the real-life role of Allen Ginsberg, whom he portrays in the latter film. [15:35]
  • Why he chose to play Nate Foster in IMPERIUM – the first of his two ZFF premieres this year. [20:31]
  • On Daniel Radcliffe’s second ZFF premiere – SWISS ARMY MAN – and the very important difference between bad-weird scripts and good-weird scripts. [26:29]
  • His return to a big Hollywood production with NOW YOU SEE ME 2 after he did several smaller Indie films and how the big productions progress much slower than the smaller ones, as they differ in their respective budget. [33:35]
  • The most recent film he has worked on, Greg McLean’s adventure drama JUNGLE, which Daniel himself humorously describes as “THE REVENANT, but humid”. [36:14]
  • Daniel Radcliffe answers audience questions, most of which relate to his portrayal of Harry Potter, his own personal role models and the hardest job he ever had. [38:19]
  • Ending on his potential future as a director. [55:42]