Production Funding


The «Association for Film Funding in Switzerland» provides support and funding for films in production or post-production endowed with CHF 100'000.

The idea for the «Association for Film Funding in Switzerland» originated in the mutual cinematic engagement of its five founding members: Georges Kern (IWC CEO and Association President), Nadja Schildknecht and Karl Spoerri (Co-Directors Zurich Film Festival), Marc Walder (Ringier CEO ) and Marc Forster (film director, film producer and screenwriter).

Aim of the Association

The aim of the «Association for Film Funding in Switzerland» is to offer financial support to Switzerland’s film and media culture. "Numerous film projects hit a dead end when it comes to the finishing touches. Finances are usually very low after filming is complete, and there are very few film grants aimed specifically at supporting the final phase of a film project”, explains Karl Spoerri when describing the motivation behind the «Association for Film Funding in Switzerland».

Total funding worth CHF 100'000 a year

The «Association for Film Funding in Switzerland» provides CHF 100'000 of funding for films in the production or post-production phase. The cash is provided by IWC Schaffhausen and awarded annually during the IWC Gala Evening held within the framework the Zurich Film Festival. The funds will be awarded either to one or shared between several film projects and serve in their entirety to support the project(s).

The most promising film productions will be chosen from the submissions by a jury. The winner will be announced within the framework of the following Zurich Film Festival during the IWC Gala Evening.

Terms and Conditions:

• Documentary or feature film of min. 60 minutes duration
• Reference to Switzerland (producers or directors who have had operational headquarters / principal residence in Switzerland for the last two years of more)
• Film is in production or post-production phase (project is not more than 3 years in post-production)

The call for projects starts on May 10, 2017. The deadline for entries is July 16, 2017.