• 26. November 2015

    Stubborn sheep and brothers: HRÚTAR / RAMS in Swiss Cinemas

    Today the winner of the ZFF International Feature Film Competition starts in Swiss cinemas. HRÚTAR / RAMS Directed by: Grímur Hákonarson, Drama, Iceland / Denmark, 2015 | cinema programme Gummi and Kiddi are as stubborn as their sheep. The two brothers have not spoken for more than 40 years. They live in the same isolated Icelandic valley and share a professional passion for farming sheep. Originating from the same genetic pool, their herds are among the best in ...

  • 19. November 2015


    Three films from the 11th Zurich Film Festival's Gala Premieres section hit Swiss cinemas today. KILL YOUR FRIENDS Directed by Owen Harris, Thriller, UK 2015 | cinema programme Young music manager and talent scout Steven Stelfox is riding the very tip of the Britpop wave, which reached its highpoint in 1997 with Blur, Oasis and The Verve. He is one of the many unscrupulous string-pullers behind the scenes of a music industry that is as ...

  • 12. November 2015

    The day-to-day madness of development aid - A PERFECT DAY in cinemas

    The thread of the story here is more a rope. A handful of NGO workers do everything possible to get a body out of a well before the water becomes contaminated. A PERFECT DAY is an ultra-dark yet highly amusing grotesque about post-war chaos. The film screened in the ZFF's 'Border Lines' section. A PERFECT DAY Regie: Fernando León de Aranoa, Tragikomödie, Spanien 2015 | cinema programme The war in the Balkans is nearing an ...

  • 10. November 2015

    ZFF films among nominees for European Film Awards

    The nominees for the European Film Awards have been announced. Among them are five feature and documentary films from the ZFF programme enter the running for this year's European Film Awards: the ZFF winning film HRÚTAR / RAMS by Grímur Hákonarson (International Feature Film 2015) and TOTO SI SURORILE LUI / TOTO AND HIS SISTERS by Alexander Nanau (International Documentary Film 2014), as well as 45 YEARS by Andrew Haigh, A SYRIAN LOVE STORY by Sean ...

  • 05. November 2015

    Refugee drama MEDITERRANEA and tragicomedy COCONUT HERO in cinemas

    Two films from the 11th Zurich Film Festival's competition section hit cinemas today. MEDITERRANEA is a topical social drama that offers a shocking look at the struggle of refugees. COCONUT HERO is the story of a weary youth whose suicide attempts are so clumsy they're downright amusing. MEDITERRANEA Directed by Jonas Carpignano, Drama, France, Italy, Qatar, Germany, USA, 2015 | cinema programme Having left their families behind in Burkina Faso, Ayiva and Abas are ...

  • 29. October 2015

    Four-legged friends - WOLF TOTEM and TRUMAN in cinemas

    Savage strays or faithful companions - the trust between man and beast has to be earned. Interhuman relations are equally fraught with difficulties. Jean-Jacques Annaud's adventure film WOLF TOTEM and Cesc Gay's tragicomedy TRUMAN hit cinemas today in German-speaking Switzerland. WOLF TOTEM Adventure, China / France 2015 | cinema programme 1967: the young Student Chen Zhen from the metropolis Peking is posted to Mongolia to teach nomadic shepherds to read and write. These people make their ...

  • 22. October 2015

    Balance Between Life and Death – THE WALK Opens in Swiss Cinemas

    Screened as part of the ZFF's Gala Premieres section, Robert Zemecki's THE WALK opens in theatres in German-speaking Switzerland today. Joseph Gordon Levitt embodies the French tightrope walker Philippe Petit, who gained fame in 1974 or his high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Not for the faint-hearted! THE WALK Directed by Robert Zemeckis, Biopic, USA 2015 | cinema programme Frenchman Philippe Petit dreams of making the ...

  • 19. October 2015

    ZFF Films on European Film Awards' Selection List

    Seven feature films and four documentary films from the ZFF programme enter the running for this year's European Film Awards, which will be bestowed in Berlin on December 12, 2015. The European Film Academy's (EFA) official selection list includes, amongst others, the ZFF winning film HRÚTAR / RAMS by Grímur Hákonarson (International Feature Film 2015) and TOTO SI SURORILE LUI / TOTO AND HIS SISTERS by Alexander Nanau (International Documentary Film 2014). The nominations for ...

  • 15. October 2015

    Now in Cinemas: Swiss Teens, Portrait of Dürrenmatt and Johnny Depp as Mobster

    AMATEUR TEENS Directed by Niklaus Hilber, Coming-of-Age-Drama, Switzerland 2015 | cinema programme Selim clicks through Sabrina’s profile pictures on Facebook. Milena meets adult men from chat rooms. Lara is bullied because she leaves her pubic hair unshaved. She and her classmates are completely normal youths in search of acceptance and sexual experiences. In this modern age of Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube, the pressure to portray yourself on the internet as cool, sexy and as experienced as ...

  • 08. October 2015

    THE WOLFPACK, SICARIO and THE PROGRAM in Swiss cinemas

    Three ZFF films open today in Swiss cinemas: The documentary THE WOLFPACK, which was one of the entries for the International Documentary Film Competition, and the Gala Premieres SICARIO and THE PROGRAM.